Design & Installation

Beaver Creek Nursery services both the residential and the commercial customer.

Our staff of well-trained and experienced professionals can design your home or office to meet both your desires and your budget. We listen to YOU, the customer, and what YOU want, so that YOU will be as happy with your landscaping installation now and in 10 or 20 years. Our team will take your ideas, your desires and wishes and try to incorporate them into the final design while using our knowledge of various plants and their own peculiar characteristics for light and water and overall size versus location to insure a happy marriage for both.

At Beaver Creek Nursery we do not like to “crowd” a landscape as it WILL eventually grow. We believe for the most part that “less is more”. We will work with you on your plan until it’s the way YOU like it!

Beaver Creek Nursery offers you 4 possibilities to meet your landscaping needs.

Design Only: With this choice we can design your landscaping and you can do the installation. We do not charge for the initial consultation but we do charge for the actual Landscape drawing.

Design & You Install: With this option we ask that you purchase all your plants and materials from us in fulfilling your plan and in return we drastically reduce the cost of the Landscape drawing. We are extremely competitive so this could be an option for the person with a lot of desire but lacking in some plant knowledge. “We all cannot be experts in everything; If we were we wouldn’t need each other.”

Design and Installation: Just as above but our experienced crew will do all the work and gathering of materials for you. Just sit back, relax , and watch the “transformation” take place.

Maintenance: For more about our Maintenance plan, click the link on the right!