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Christmas 2018

Just some good old fashioned warm thoughts

Thanksgiving 2018

What it’s About!

August 2018

Getting rid of a bug we hate
Some really nice landscaping and more

June 2018

June To Do’s
Tree Facts

May 2018

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

April 2018

April To Do’s
Update on Dying Spruce Trees

March 2018

March To Do’s
Blue Bird House
B4 & After


Christmas 2016

November 2016

November To Do’s
Election Humor
B4 & After

October 2016

October To Do’s
B4 & After

August 2016

B4 & After

July 2016
B4 & After

June 2016

Something Happened Here
June To Do’s
Anablephobia – About Anthracnose

May 2016

May To Do’s and about Bagworms

April 2016

Weed ID

March 2016

First Signs of Spring
March To Do’s
B4 & After


November 2015

November To Do’s
Something Scary: Orb Weaver Spider
B4 & After

October 2015

October To Do’s
Just some great photos

September 2015

September To Do’s
Do You? Noisy night critters
B4 & After

August 2015

Holes in Lawn & Landscape
Other fun stuff

July 2015

July To Do’s
Pay Attention: Flea Beetles
B4 & After

June 2015

June To Do’s
Did You see it?: Clover Mites
B4 & After

May 2015

May To Do’s

April 2015

April To Do’s
Warning: Emerald Ash Borer

March 2015

March To Do’s
Winter Injury


November 2014

November To Do’s
Bioengineering: Sprickets
B4 & After

October 2014

October To Do’s
B4 & After

September 2014

Never Ever: About Mulching
Awe: Puss Moth Caterpillar
B4 & After

August 2014

About Monarchs: Do you know?
Yuk! What is on my plant: Powdery Mildew
B4 & After

July 2014

What is it: About Sawflies
Just an Observation: American labor force 2014

June 2014

You Know’s
Question to Ponder: Wild Onions

May 2014

Don’t Run Away: Cedar Apple Rust

April 2014

Damage Control: Winter 2013-14

March 2014

About Hydrangeas


November 2013

Wanted!: All about Moles
Just for Fun: Fun pictures

October 2013

To Do in October
Un-welcomed change: Change at BC
B4 & After
Autumn Pics

September 2013

September “To Do”
Do you Hear it?: Sandhill Cranes
B4 & After Photos

August 2013

Am I under Attack?: Funnel web spiders
B4 & After photos

July 2013

Horticulture Alert: Giant Hogweed
What’s Bugging You: Pillbug
Before & After

June 2013

Be on the Alert: Carpenter Bees
Rose Disease

May 2013

Doing This: Guide to Common Lawn Weeds

April 2013

Life among weeds
Things to Worry about: Poison Ivy etc.

March 2013

Before & After


November 2012
To Do’s

October 2012

Stuff to Ponder: Oct. To Do’s
Before & After: Landscape Photos

September 2012

To Do List
Don’t be Scared: Bad Spiders

August 2012

Know this Feeling?: Heat & Drought Stress
Hey Cutie: Asian Longhorned Beetle

July 2012

Happenings in July: Irrigation
B4 & After: Landscape photos

June 2012

My Pears: Fireblight?
What is it?: Rose Slugs

May 2012

Assessing the Damage
Are you Under Attack?…EAB
Know the Difference….3 common pests

April 2012

Something to think About!…A TRUE Story

Sad News – Tribute to our Friend Armando

March 2012

Q & A – browning boxwood
Spring Give-Away
Spring Specials


November 2011 – Month of Thanks

Mostly Fun Stuff
Before & After photos
Thank You – Sale Items

October 2011 – All About Fall

Why Leaves Turn Colors – article
Marmorated Stink Bug – article
Special of the Month – Canadian Hemlock
Seven Son Flower tree – article
Fall photos

September 2011

Lawn weed – Nutsedge – article
Tulip Tree Scale – article
Before & After Photos
What is it? – Cercropia Silk Moth – article
Special of the Month – Bloomerang Lilac

August 2011

Hot & Dry – Proper watering techniques
( article )
Special of the Month – Lo & Behold
Before & After photos
What is it? – Hummingbird Moth – article

July 2011

Horticulture “Alert” – Imprellis damage
( article )
Special of the month – Lavender
– Rosey Returns

June 2011

Winner – Spring Give-away
Special of the Month
Coneflower – Hot Papaya
Mexican Hyssop
Dealing with Carpenter Bees – article
June Do’s – article

May 2011

Spring Give – away
Special of the Month
Poukhanense Azalea
May Must Do’s – article

April 2011

Drought of 2010 – article
Special of the Month
Show Off Forsythia
Seeds and Fertilizers

March 2011

6 Spring “Must Do’s” – article