plants 2Beaver Creek Nursery is the largest retail nursery in Southeastern Indiana with over 400 varieties of trees, shrubs, ornamentals, perennials, topiaries and miniatures available for you to take home; or we can deliver.

Many of these plants are also available in various sizes to meet various budgets. Most of our trees are grown in the state-of-the-art “pot in pot” system. With this growing system not only are large trees easier for you the customer to handle, transport and plant, but it also allows you the benefit of being able to plant all year long. Hot or inclement weather will no longer delay your landscaping projects.

plants 1
At Beaver Creek Nursery we “test” grow and “test” plant almost all noteworthy and new “hardy to this area” plants. We do this to attempt to eliminate from production those plants that perform in an undesirable manner not conducive to personal and/or commercial landscaping. They may be pretty in a catalog or in another hardiness zone, but in this area, over time, they just don’t work!