Fountains & Furniture

At Beaver Creek Nursery we stock only the finest products available.

Among our diverse inventory you will find an excellent selection of fountains manufactured by Henri Studios™. These fountains are renowned for their beautiful appearance and color retention, outstanding craftsmanship and low maintenance. Henri is one of the nations leading manufactures of high quality fountains for both residential and commercial display.

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Since Beaver Creek Nursery is a more laid-back natural, country setting, you will find an assortment of rustic natural cedar log products including garden and porch swings, tables, chairs and the ol’ favorite ….porch rocker. We also have an assortment of Large pottery available together with Birdhouses and feeders, and Corinthian chimes (each set being tuned to a special note) and much more!

Grass Seeds, Fertilizer’s, and Pesticides

At Beaver Creek Nursery you will not need to spend hours trying to understand all the different products as are available at box stores. We make it “simple”! We carry ONLY the few products you will actually ever need to maintain both your lawn and landscape. These are the same products that we use here at the Nursery and for our Landscape installations and maintenance.

Mulches & More

mulch editedAt Beaver Creek Nursery not only do we stock the traditional “bagged” products such as 100% cypress mulch, topsoil, compost and manure, but also the extremely popular “dyed” mulches. These bulk mulches are available in black, brown or red and have become the choice of mulch for both the homeowner and landscaper due to their longevity and high color retention. Bulk topsoil, decorative gravel and a large assortment of creek rock and beautiful boulders are also available.

So bring your truck, or arrangements can be made for delivery, if so desired.